individual sessions are $150

couples/relationship sessions are $165 

i maintain several reduced fee sessions ($110-145) in an attempt to respond to financial limitations and barriers. please inquire as to availability.

i accept payment by

check or credit/debt/hsa card.

i am not contracted with insurance companies. if you have out of network benefits, i can provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.

i am able to bill OHP/CareOregon as an out-of-network provider.


i offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to begin exploring what it's like to work with me. 

sessions are 50-55 minutes long and usually occur weekly, unless otherwise arranged.

initial sessions establish a framework for our therapeutic relationship, discussing your history and background, and the focus of therapy.


if you're interested in working together, contact me.

why i am not contracted with insurance companies

insurance companies require a mental illness diagnosis to reimburse for services. in reporting this protected health information to your insurance provider, it becomes part of your permanent medical record. this reduces confidentiality and has the potential for certain diagnoses to impact your ability to receive disability, health insurance, life insurance, or even certain employment opportunities.

i choose to retain my professional discretion and authority to determine when applying diagnostic labels will be in the best interests of my clients, independent of insurance requirements.

insurance companies often place limitations on coverage (financially on your end and/or mine, the number of sessions covered, allowed length of sessions, types of therapy, medical necessity), and require updates on counseling progress and your general level of functioning. 


psychiatric and psychological institutional power structures participate in the legitimizing, justification, and enforcement of dominant social norms, psychological oppression, and pathologizing of deviance and difference. the over-pathologizing of human experiences, expressions, pains, and coping perpetuates stigma and reinforces a disease model of psychological experiences.


benefits to paying out-of-pocket for counseling services are the option to avoid unnecessary diagnosis, reducing labeling and stigma; independence from insurance company standards for care (such as medically necessary diagnoses); less paperwork, which allows me more time and energy for your direct care; increased privacy; and therapy that is more personalized, flexible, effective, and aligned with my therapeutic beliefs.