what i'm about  

i believe in the power of language and the necessity of context. words heal and wound. language, limited and inadequate, can hide and reveal. silence can function as complicity, or it can open space for what has been unheard. in putting words to experiences, claiming and reclaiming realities, articulating truths, and naming as resistance, we can expand our awareness and move towards liberation.

i believe in aligning with complexity, uncertainty, and doubt. i trust the significance of experiencing resonance in another; the reverberations of deep listening, presence, and bearing witness. the generativity of dialectical interplay and paying attention to interiority can lead to previously unimagined futures. 

i believe in the necessity and strength of darkness and quiet. pausing for silence and introspection can allow creativity, wisdom, and clarity to come forth. reorienting to what has been denigrated can foster acceptance and compassion towards ourselves and others, and reveal strength in what has been maligned.

i believe in paradox, multiplicity, and inherent perpetual change. i place my hope in disruption, subversion, and the power of anger to challenge indignities. our discontent, unease, and maladjustment can guide us towards what needs transformation.

integral to my practice is skepticism towards quick fixes, status quos, and determinism. i orient from humility, in self-reflection, and the need for structural changes. through critical generosity and dialectical inquiry, i seek to turn assumptions inside out, offer questions that expand and shift, bring perspectives that broaden and focus, hear your deeper longings, and foster imagination beyond current conventions.

my education, and training:
i received my graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University in 2014. i completed a specialization in Somatic Psychology, which highlighted the inter-relatedness of our physical, physiological, psychological, and social experiences.

i have an undergraduate degree from Antioch College in Cultural Studies, with a focus on gender and sexuality studies, which informs my critical feminist framework. my formal and informal education has explored the historical, intergenerational, political, and interpersonal implications of social structures.